US sanctions

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US sanctions

Dear Editor,

The US imposed the toughest ever sanctions on a defiant Iran to curb Iran’s missile and nuclear programs and diminish its influence in the Middle East. In response, President Hassan Rouhani retorted that Iran will proudly bypass sanctions by the US. Though the two Asian giants are believed to be among the eight countries that have been given the rare temporary exemptions from the Iranian sanctions, but ultimately this sanction will not only affect its allies rather it will disturb the economy of entire world, and the prices of liquid gold will go a notch higher in the world market as well, which is not in favour of any country. This is US monopolistic attitude, which is unbecoming. As US sanctions doesn't have backing of United Nations, It is high time for the countries in Asia and Europe to join hands against this adamant sanctions and save themselves from declining their economies. India must not be optimistic about the temporary sanction.

Ismail Ansari


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