The mind-set which hurts

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Contentment is a real virtue they are adored with the real happiness they enjoy

The mind-set which hurts

Reyaz Ahmad Mir

How strange and awkward it looks when you do your job honestly, you are thought being doing it for some other reason, may be corruption or something else.

The hard wired stereotype hatched in the cradle of mind is a psychological disaster, if not disorder, now being social disaster too. Because, it has roped the minds all along.

Everything is not that which is passed on wholesale. Something is different that needs to be differentiated.

If you are at some point of dealing with public and you are inquisitive too, you have enough things to learn. Enough material to conclude the perception and mind set of people. If a file or case demands a little time to precure, it is being thought a demand for money. A shock for those who really have no such idea. It is a plethora of pinching experiences. 

When the decision is expressed on merit, it instantly sprouts two reactions, if two parties are involved in.

One appreciates and other, the merit speaks against, vomits out whatever he wishes to. His growling jerks the memory storage in subconscious mind to think without actually thinking anything.

I don't say malpractices are not prevailing. That is a heaven's state. But it never discourages those who believe in steadfastness. Who stand like rock between the integrity and sell out.

They live simple but do live for themselves not for others. They are true to that what they own, be it only a little. Contentment is a real virtue they are adored with the real happiness they enjoy.

People who are brought up in or experienced with bad things carry a framework. They can't break that to think beyond. They can be right but when they look with same eyes to those who are upright, it hurts a big. It is a mind-set which is not ready to break the walls of framework.

When a friend of mine was offered some currency notes after he vigorously pursued and finished a job on merit of a person, he is meant for, he simply told him that I have done my duty and government will pay me on the first day of next month. The person had replied that he thought this all was done immediately for money.

We should not approach everyone with same mind-set. This might please more people but hurts a few too. And those few are the ray of hope. At least, we ought to understand them if we can't support.

Following the call of one's mind set unconditionally can sometimes be foolishness. This at certain points becomes the cause of embarrassment.

We are living in society marked by individualism. Everyone is roaming freely in his own world. So being judgemental about others and to think it is applying collectively is ignorance.

Even scientific approach is not always generalised. Though, It speaks of the facts collected after studying the situation.

It is easy to behave independent of flow of inputs from subconscious mind. But we have to motivate ourselves to learn all this. Its constant practices ultimately makes it quite easy to follow.

How many times all of us might have ashamed when our instant conclusions about some known or unknown person prove untrue. Face is not always index of mind.

Talking in air means lack of wisdom or the means to use wisdom. If this is seen in majority, it simply questions the wisdom or at least the way we use it.

This all reflects that the teaching is not good. Walking with preconceived notions, generalizations and gossiping is morally crime. This should have been imbibed by teachers in early schooling. And in families, this is not taken as scientific socialization.

When the mind is not trained in schools or in families to learn rational temperament, the result is the mind-set which never wants to get disturbed by facts. It drags us wherever it wishes to.

It makes us utter whatever it likes. It acts authoritatively. It dictates undemocratically and gives verdicts without witnesses.

Let's be upright in doing job. Let's not be always negative. Let's give a pause to our thinking and think that, of course, there are good people too, doing good job.

Positivity is to find out good things among bad. But we do reverse. We try to dive into others soul to search if there is anything bad. This is our inquisition. Infact a derailed path of inquisition.

I remember the anecdote narrated by the former UN Chief Dr. Boutros BoutrosGali which I have read in some journal long aga.

He said when he was a student of class 8th, his headmaster once fixed a three square feet white paper with the blackboard. The paper had a block dot on top of it.

While walking across the class, he asked the students, “What do you see on blackboard”? All students shouted in unison, “a block dot”.

After a long pause, the headmaster said to them, “Could no one amongst you see the big white paper, why only block dot.”

“Don't go throughout your life by this attitude,” he advised them which of course has a lasting appeal.



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