State murder

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State murder

On Saturday, a horrific video went viral in Kashmir (despite the crack down on internet) in which a youth, later identified as Adil Ahmad, can be seen as being mowed down by a police vehicle in Noorbagh, Srinagar during clashes between the government forces and protestors. It is a cold-blooded murder and there is no way the state can get away with it. In the video footage, an armored vehicle is clearly seen swerving left and towards a protestor who is chasing another vehicle leaving the protest site. From the video footage it does not look like an accident but a deliberate hit and run case. As the contingent belongs to state’s government forces, it is a murder committed by the state. There are many questions that the horror captivated in video raises on the conduct of government forces in Kashmir. On civilian killings, armed forces in Kashmir in order to exculpate themselves have been saying that they took action in order to protect themselves from angry mobs in a life threatening situation. Such claims made by government forces almost always have been dubbed as dubious by the people. What can be called as “life threatening” situation which prompts the trigger-happy to shoot at people or in the barbaric case of Saturday crush a person under the wheels of an armored vehicle. Also, to justify their actions armed forces, who enjoy the unbridled powers due to AFSPA, argue that any action against the bloodguilty will dampen the morale of the forces. Complete disregard to human life and dignity was also exposed when a young man was tied to the bonnet of an army vehicle. The officer instead of being punished was later rewarded. Today, a much more disturbing image of the government forces has emerged. The culpability of the state prima facie has been established. Although the state police has said that it will investigate the murder of Adil, the government is cognizant of how much trouble it is in. For two days it has been afraid, which seems to be the most plausible explanation, to restore internet services in Kashmir, afraid of the reaction the cold-blooded murder would invoke. The incident has also foiled all those claims made by the governments on “crowd control” measures. As the video shows, police party is leaving and it has become common now that protestors chase armored vehicles and throw stones at them. There have been no reports recently or otherwise that suggest the personnel inside the armored vehicles have sustained any serious injury. Opposed to it, a heavy armored vehicles while leaving, turns the wheel and crushes a chaser to death. Government forces could have arrested Adil without much difficulty, but someone behind the wheels chose to run the vehicle over him. This is beyond defending.



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