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Failing in declaring exam results

Published at November 06, 2018 12:57 AM 0Comment(s)2742views

No one makes the university accountable for ruining the careers of students 

Zeeshan M Nadroo

Intended for a students, results in today’s dynamic and competitive world are not just steed means of making him eligible for the next semester of course, rather it acts as a motivator to perform even better than this in next exam.

And for those students who have not performed well, results explain the area of focus, were they need to improve, in order to make themselves ready for the competitive job market waiting for them, immediately after completing their degrees.

But the story of, University of Kashmir (KU) is altogether very different. The students are intentionally kept in predicament, by not declaring their results on time, take the example of students of UG course, who took their admission in the month of April 2017.

Till now they have appeared in two semester exam and within the period of one month they will be appearing in 3rd semester. However, unfortunately, not a single result has been declared even after completion of nearly one and half year, even for B.A students.

The university has to evaluate only three subjects in first semester. Why have they still failed to declare the results? It raises several questions on the credibility, functioning, culture and system of the functioning of the university.

On average, universities in India and abroad combined, have kept the maximum result declaration time ranging from 45 days to two month and not more than that. But no one makes University of Kashmir accountable for ruining rather than grooming the careers of the students.

Self-Performance Evaluation for a student is really very important. They find the key areas where they are weak and were they have to improve. This helps them to be at par with the students enrolled at various other universities in India, but University of Kashmir is least worried about that.

This lack of professionalism in university substantiates to be very dangerous for the state of Jammu & Kashmir, as they are unable to develop the potential in students.

Even it is not wrong to say that university has failed to retain the potential that already exists in students before joining the affiliated colleges or the main campus.

Also, the Impact of late results doesn’t remain confined to students only.

The students receive their degrees too late. For three year UG course, it takes four years or even more to complete. For four year engineering or other degree course, integrated five years course, it takes five, six or even more years respectively to complete the course.

The wastage of one precious year, due to lack of on-time examination, on-time result declaration, adds more to the already depressed student community of Kashmir.

In this one precious year, some students could successfully earn at least six to seven lac by joining corporate sector. Isn’t university responsible for this pecuniary loss? Even some students could successfully complete their civil services coaching’s, and can easily compete for prestigious IAS,IRS,IFS etc. Is it wrong to blame the university authorities?

For encouraging the youthful dreams of students and seeing them coming true, the time has come when university has to answer to the unpretentious questions of the students.

The time has come that university has to necessarily improve its system and culture and if it stills fails to do so then time is not far when students can take legal action for this wastage of one year or more of their career, and can sue the university for compensation for the financial loss as well as the mental trauma to the students.\




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