83% Govt-run-schools without electricity in Ganderbal

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Riyaz Bhat


Amid harsh conditions, eighty three per cent government-run-schools in central Kashmir’s district Ganderbal function without electricity.
According to the official figures at Directorate School Education Kashmir (DSEK), out of 587 government schools, 434 schools funcation without any dedicated electricity facility.
The DSEK figures further states that there are 38,586 students enrolled in all government schools in the district including 560 students mobile schools, 185 in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV’s), 2365 in Higher Secondary Schools (HSS), 2057 in High Schools (HS), 8539 in Middle (MS) and 24,880 in Primary Schools (PS).
This information was revealed was by Chief Education Officer (CEO) Ganderbal in a reply to a Right to Information (RTI) application filed by RTI activist, Raja Muzaffar Bhat in which, the activist had sought information regarding the list of schools without electricity, Girls schools without lavatories, boundary walling and drinking water facility available at the schools.
The CEO in a contradictorily reply to RTI has stated that there are total 14 girl schools in the district including 3 Higher Secondary Schools 11 Higher Secondary Schools. “There are 15 girl schools in the Ganderbal district proper lavatory and washroom facility.
Apart from the electricity issue, the respondent has also mentioned that there are 56 percent of schools that have no boundary walling.
In a reply to the RTI, CEO said that there are 334 such schools that have no boundary walls. Similarly, while stating the number of schools without drinking water facility, the respondent said that out of 587 schools in the district, only 34 schools are without this facility.
Pertinently, CEO, Anantnag in another similar same RTI replied that 81 per cent of schools in the district have no electricity even lavatory and washroom facility in more than 31 per cent of Girl Schools is also lacking. Moreover, 68 per cent of Anantnag schools are also without boundary walls.


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